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Chief Stewardess in Luxury yachting and more.



My career as a Chief Stewardess and PA required me to set the service standards of the yacht or the environment I was working with. A hands-on approach is needed when planning and executing itineraries, dinner parties and events.  Managing my time effectively allowed me to ensure all the details were taken care of.  Having local knowledge is valuable when you have been there, yet new locations needed me to draw upon my creative and intuitive skills. Acting on your feet is a dance that supports the flow of events.

The compact environment crew live and work in on a yacht asks for your sense of compassion, maturity is a blessing here. In my career I have worked for high profile clients from a variety of cultures, discretion is vital on many levels. This unique career path is not for the light hearted, once the glitz is passed, its down to hard work, polishing marble floors, vacuuming curtains, getting into the nitty gritty to ensure the environment of the Yacht or Estate is like a show room with soft edges.


Variety of service was required incorporating formal, themed dinner parties, cocktail parties, corporate events and family gatherings. Working with your creative imagination for the appropriate table settings and floral arrangements, as each occasion had different needs.


Preparation is the core for the smooth running of any occasion.  Communication is paramount. Provisioning for crew and guests, catering for extra linen, glassware and staff if needed.  General maintenance of interior for routine cleaning, then there is detail cleaning, laundry care, beds and heads, inventories and overall presentation.  

During my 2 years break to tend to family business, back in Australia,

I expanded my wine knowledge working in the Wine Industry as Cellar Door Manager in the Hunter Valley NSW. I embraced all the knowledge I could from the wine makers, from pruning, picking grapes, bottling and different varietals. The joy of matching wine with cheese and menus explored my creative flair.

My 9 year career in Luxury Yachting has incorporated many skills set and attributes which include and aren’t limited to –

·      Ability to get the job done, on time, accurately and in a consistent manner

·      Ability to develop ideas, use initiative and work without guidance

·      Ability to apply analytical and decision making skills to solve problems

·      Adaptable

 During my career I have embraced these qualities as my strengths.

·      Ability to learn quickly

·      Good interpersonal skills

·      Excellent work attitude

·      Excellent personal presentation and communication skills

·      High level of personal service experience with private families

·      Confidentiality and discretion is foremost

·      Business skills in planning, negotiating and organising

·      Excellent people management and communication skills

·      Both independent and team orientated person

·      Creative and intuitive thinking and problem solving

·      Very resourceful














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    James Oswald
    Merchant Mariner
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